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Upload all employee records and store them safely. Save time by automatically generating employment contracts or forms, and sign documents quickly and easily through digital signature integration with DocuSign.

Employee Database & Document Management

Payroll Software

Carry out payroll calculations with accuracy, make bulk adjustments to payroll, download payment files, and automatically generate payslips for your employees. Notify employees via email or allow them to gain direct access through the system.

Leave Management

Make use of streamlined leave management catering for multiple countries, detailed leave approval and notifications workflow, visibility of employees on leave through the calendar view, and simple and straightforward leave booking for employees.

Employee Dashboard/Portal

Provide your employees with access to update their personal information, to book their leave, to have visibility of when their colleagues are out of office, and to view and download their payroll documents (such as payslips and FS3s).

Onboarding/Offboarding Checklists

Automate tedious—but mandatory—onboarding and offboarding processes, collect required information in a digital format, and receive notifications when documents are signed, left pending, or passed their due date.

Applicant Tracking System

A flexible applicant tracking system (ATS) built for recruitment and HR professionals allows for advertising of vacancies and complete management of the recruitment life cycle.

We bring to the market a complete solution for all your HR challenges

Payroll Software

Leave Management

Employee Database & Records

Employee Onboarding & Offboarding

Automated Contract Generation

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We recognize businesses are dealing with unprecedented challenges. That's why we are introducing a special offer for a package consisting of payroll, leave management and HR essentials, starting from the unbeatable price of ONLY €0.75 + VAT * per employee per month.

This offer is only valid to newly onboarded clients and will expire at the end of December 2020.

Payroll, Leave Management & HR Essentials Package

Time & Attendance

Plan and automatically generate rosters for your employees, online and offline time tracking, approval of time logs and uploading these in bulk, in sync with job schedules, leave management and payroll.

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Talexio is a complete software solution for recruitment and HR professionals looking to work more efficiently. This flexible cloud-based solution allows organisations to be in control of all their recruitment and employment processes. Through automation and ease of use, Talexio saves you time and lowers the cost of procedures. Talexio is a scalable solution that caters for companies of any size within any industry—one less worry as your business grows.

Talexio is built and operated by Preeo Software, which was founded in 2010 and specialises in providing custom HR solutions to organisations in various industries.